My ceramic pieces are handbuilt, usually as coil or pinch pots. They vary in scale from small dishes that fit in the palm of the hand to larger statement pots for practical and/or decorative purposes. When the pots are still damp and flexible, I shape them gently to give them an organic feel, then I usually file and sand any rough parts. After bisque firing, I sand and dust them again. At this point, I often decorate them with drawings using cobalt or iron oxide, and follow with a transparent glaze; I sometimes dip them instead in simple coloured glazes. After a second firing, I sometimes apply lustre or gold accents and fire again to a lower temperature.

I predominantly work in stoneware, but have recently started using porcelain. I have also used terracotta and earthenware and in 2019 did my first pit firing - using natural materials such as seaweed and copper deposits for flashes of colour. The process for these pots was different - while still in their green state, they were burnished all over; after firing, they were polished with beeswax.

I am an enthusiastic but sporadic potter :) Please check back periodically for updates on any new pots!